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SmokeWork is a Hookah Network Marketing Agency. We work with the most influential reviewers of the hookah scene. Our network is represented on several platforms like YouTube, Instagram and co. And together, we make YOUR product known!

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All over the World

Our network is distributed around the world. There are currently 20 influencers in the network. Together we reach half a million hookah smokers - mainly in Germany.

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Powerful Layout with Responsive functionality that can be adapted to any screen size. Take this site as an example, resize your Browser and see for yourself.

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Powerful Layout with Responsive functionality that can be adapted to any screen size. Resize browser to view.


Through many years of experience, we have a knowledge about hookah.


Youtube, Instagram and Facebook are the platforms of your target group.

Around the clock

The Internet never sleeps, the users can always go online.


We connect your brand with established influencers in the hookah scene.


With your concern you can fully trust us.


We have connections to European hookah influencers.

A small Video from Our Network.

Interactively facilitate.
Tactical systems with compelling materials. Objectively re-engineer diverse relationships long-term impact methodologies.

· BroContra Germany.

Collections from Our Customers.

For a long time we help out different manufacturers. At the hookah fair in Frankfurt we already organized the reviewer booth in 2016 & 2017. Other manufacturers asked us. That's how SmokeWork came into being. Meanwhile, several well-known manufacturers have used our help.


Great support, great documentation and you guys done a fantastic job in commenting everything, makes it very easy to customize, so thank you.

SmileyDot ThemeForest user

I wish that I could choose more than one reason for my 5-star rating! The Design is great, the features are fantastic, the documentation top-notch.

georgewhoffman ThemeForest user

Excellent Template really versatile and well documented. Makes anyone look like a design professional.

georgeuser077 ThemeForest user

This is the most robust template I've ever worked with. So much can be done with this multi-purpose package. Regular updates and enhancements add tremendous value.

rmandaro ThemeForest user

I've been using Canvas for months now and it has exceeded my expectations. Their support has been great too.

kwelch2 ThemeForest user

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